2021-22 Parent Resources

School Hours for 2021-2022 8:00-3:05



Students can begin to line up outside at 7:50. Please note, children are not allowed anywhere on school grounds before 7:50 a.m. as there is no supervision. Students should line up in their classroom’s designated spot between 7:50-8:00.

Children arriving at school after 8:00 a.m. will be considered tardy and must ring the office buzzer at the front door for entry (Parents may not enter the building at this time).  If your child will be absent, please call the Attendance Hotline at 720-424-5389 to report the absence. Mornings are extremely busy, so please be sure to call the Attendance Hotline number and not the main office to report an absence or tardiness.


Pick-up time is 3:05 pm Monday through Friday. There is no supervision provided after 3:05, so students must be picked up promptly at 3:05.

If you need to pick up a student early, please ring the buzzer on the front door and the office will send your student to you. We will not call students to the office until someone is present out front to pick them up. Students will only be released to individuals who are listed as a parent, guardian, or emergency contact – call the office to add someone to your list of approved pick-up people.


DPS School Bus Transportation
Transportation assigns students to ride specific buses according to district guidelines and within specific load limits. Students living within their school’s walk zone (1.0 miles for elementary schools) are not allowed to ride a bus unless it is an unsafe walking environment (for example, a multi-lane highway without a crossing). Students who are assigned outside their geographical area due to a school Choice request are not guaranteed transportation.

If you live within a mile of school or outside of Montclair’s boundary, you can request an exception to have your child ride the school bus (space is limited and not guaranteed). See the DPS Transportation Department’s website for more information:



Daily attendance is very important to school success. If your child will be absent or tardy, please call the school at 720-424-5389 and leave a message with your child’s name, teacher and reason for the absence (this is preferred over calling the main office). Upon returning to school, please send a written excuse explaining the absence. District policy states that any student who is absent for 10 consecutive days will be unenrolled and will have to re-register upon returning to school. In doing so, they may relinquish their space in a program.  The school will provide make-up work for excused absences. Students or their parents are responsible for requesting make-up work immediately upon the student’s return to school. If dates of a student’s absence are known in advance, please notify the office and the teacher so that planned assignments may be given.

See Montclair’s full Attendance Policy here.


Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment is a DPS elementary school located in east Denver. Over 70% of our student population qualify for free and reduced meals within the school. 9 years ago, the school recognized a need for additional support for a group of families who were in dire straits. The Food for Kids backpack program was founded through Montclair’s Parent/Teacher Organization, P.E.A.K. This program provides a backpack full of food for a family in need to take home over the weekend. Many of the families who receive these backpacks have little or no resources to feed their families outside of the support provided by the school. The program continues to evolve and has been used as an example to form similar programs in other schools throughout the district. Currently Montclair’s backpack program supports 24 families in need from our school community. The food sent home to the families is procured through grant funds, private donations, donations from the local food bank and occasional grocery store donations. We have a committed group of volunteers who shop for the food and come to the school each week to organize donations and fill the backpacks.

Over the past several years, our committee has been looking for ways to improve the quality of the food that is offered in the backpacks. Working with grant funds received from the Action for Healthy Kids network we have been seeking healthy alternatives to some of the staples most often available at low cost for our program. Our goal is to provide fresh produce from local farms when available. Donations are always needed. Please contact Cajah Reed at 720-424-5431 or cajah_reed@dpsk12.org for more information about this amazing program and find out how you can help!


For 2021-2022, school lunch is free for all students.

An Important Meal to Start a Successful School Day! Children who eat breakfast at the start of their school day have higher math and reading scores, they focus and behave better, and are less likely to be absent. Food and Nutrition Services is proud to serve breakfast, at no charge, to ALL students in the Denver Public Schools.Montclair serves Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC)– Breakfast is delivered in insulated containers to every classroom before the bell rings. Students have the opportunity to eat breakfast with their classmates during the first 15-20 minutes of their day. Schools that have successfully implemented BIC incorporate academic routines with the morning ritual of students eating breakfast together. When BIC is served, every student is able to start the school day ready to learn. Milk is served daily as is fruit and juice. Entrees are nourishing and easy to eat at a desk or table. Popular items such as cereal, bagels, string cheese and yogurt are some cold items on the menu and hot items may include a breakfast burrito or an egg and biscuit sandwich.

The Montclair kitchen does their best to adhere to the district’s food menus daily. Click here for current DPS school menus.

Free & Reduced Lunch
The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally assisted meal program. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day to all public and non-profit private schools (regardless of tuition). Eligibility is determined through an application process which considers both income and household size. If a household currently receives Food Stamps (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), or participates in the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), the child(ren) in that household are eligible for free school meals. If your child(ren) are directly certified you are not required to fill out an application. Homeless, runaway and migrant children are also automatically eligible for free school meals.

Apply for Free and Reduced Lunch!

For additional information, please contact the Food Services Department: Food Services.


Stay Connected!

Below is helpful information on where to find information about what’s going on at Montclair
and in your student’s classroom. Please be sure to download and see these items weekly.

• SchoolMessenger
• Class Dojo – talk to your student’s teacher about how to log on to their classroom!
• The Montclair School Website montclair.dpsk12.org
• Principal Letter

SchoolMessenger: We will be sending ALL school-wide communications via our SchoolMessenger. All families will be automatically enrolled for messages, so please be sure that your contact information is up to date in Parent Portal.

Class Dojo:  Every teacher has the Class Dojo app to send communications to individual parents or to families of the whole class.  Sign up today to hear all about how your student is doing in school today, and about all of the exciting things going on in the classrooms at Montclair!  This is a very helpful tool that every family will benefit from. Download the app and ask your student’s teacher for their class access code. www.classdojo.com

The Montclair School Website: We are making updates to the school website on a regular basis – this is a great tool to quickly see what is coming up!  There are also links to the Montclair Flyer School app content on the right-hand side of the home page.

Weekly Principal Letter: A weekly principal letter will be sent home. Please be sure to look for it and read it every week as it will contain very important updates.






School staff cannot administer ANY type of medication (over the counter or prescription) without proper documentation from a doctor.

Please use this form for general medication and medical treatment orders. This form is not recommended for students needing Albuterol for asthma or an Epi-Pen for anaphylaxis at school.

For students requiring rescue medication for asthma (Albuterol) or anaphylaxis (Epi-Pen), please use the approved medication order – action plans. Those can be found on this site in the Asthma and Anaphylaxis sections.

The Anaphylaxis Medication Order and Plan is the preferred document for students with severe allergies who may need an Epi-Pen at school. If the student requires other medications to treat allergies, such as Benadryl, please use the general medication form.


The asthma medication order and plan is the preferred document for students with asthma.


The lost and found is located at the south end of the first floor hallway. Items that are not claimed will be donated to charity on a monthly basis. Smaller items such as keys and eyeglasses will be kept in the office.


The DPS Parent/Student Portal was created because parent involvement is a critical factor in student success. With the Parent/Student Portal, families can stay informed, monitor student progress and have more meaningful conversations with your child(ren) and their teachers.
Features available on the Parent/Student Portal include:


Schedules & Courses
Review class schedules and courses.

Grades & Assignments
View status of classroom assignments, as well as current and past grades.

Attendance & Behavior
Monitor attendance, tardiness or behavior issues.

DPS & State Tests
Review results on required state and DPS assessments.

Academic Resources
Get ideas and resources for activities and exercises to do at home.

Families can log on to the Parent/Student Portal from anywhere there is Internet access, or with the mobile app available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. The portal is easy to navigate and available in Amharic, Arabic, English, Nepali, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese. To request a Parent Portal account, please go to My Portal and click “Getting Started”.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please contact the Parent/Student Portal team at dps_portalteam@dpsk12.org or 720.423.3163. Be sure to log in to your account a few times per year to keep it activated!

Students, login at myportal.dpsk12.org and use their DPS username and password.DPS Parent/Student Portal: My Portal



PEAK (Parents, Educators And Kids) is our parent group that everyone in the Montclair community is part of. Getting involved is a great opportunity to meet people in the Montclair community and also help out in the school. There are many, many ways to participate through PEAK!- Fundraisers
– Classroom Helpers
– Backpack Program
– Tutoring
– Helping with School Events like the Fall Festival, Parade of Masks, International Night, Field Day
– Mystery Readers
– Field Trip Chaperones
If you want to know more about PEAK or volunteer at our school please stop by the office.  We would love to have all of our families supporting PEAK in any way they can!


To find out if Montclair is your neighborhood boundary school, click here! At Denver Public Schools, everything we do is directed toward our goal of having Great Schools in Every Neighborhood. SchoolChoice plays a key role in attaining that goal. Any DPS student who wants to attend a school other than their automatically assigned neighborhood school can take part in SchoolChoice.

Montclair will be accepting students in ECE3-5th grades who live within the Denver Public Schools neighborhood boundary, and also accepting students who live outside of that boundary. More information about the SchoolChoice process can be found at SchoolChoice. Choice has moved away from paper forms, and all applications must be completed online here, or through parent portal.

• At Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment we put emphasis on academic success through enriching experiences. In an effort to enhance the classroom curriculum, we have established a program of school-wide enrichment that allows us to provide all students with opportunities that bring learning to life outside of the classrooms.

• Montclair strives to create a global perspective valuing family and community by hosting social and educational events throughout the year that represent the multicultural school community we have. Montclair is home to 22 different languages and is one of the most diverse schools in the city. Families, students, and staff members of different cultures and backgrounds interact together daily.

• At Montclair, we are enhancing each child’s experience by infusing personalization into their learning journey. This program empowers teachers and parents to become engineers of learning by providing each individual child the learning that they need, at the exact moment they need it. Students will have a deep understanding of themselves as learners and be given voice and choice in their daily educational experience.

Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment has a proven track record as a high performing school over the past 9 years. We are thrilled to announce that we will also have the opportunity to expand, build, and further improve as a result of being approved to receive a generous amount of bond money over the next few years.

We hope you will consider attending Montclair! Feel free to call or stop by the school for answers to any questions that you have!
Office: (720) 424-5380


The decision to keep schools open or to close them during winter weather conditions is not a simple one, but it is made with one overriding factor in mind: the well-being of our students, their families, and staff. DPS Transportation has made preparations to ensure buses are running and students arrive safely to school. Our drivers participate in a comprehensive training program that includes preparation for driving in inclement weather and adverse conditions like wintry weather.

Weather Delays (1 Hour Delays)
Introducing Weather Delay Schedule for Identified Schools: In the event of adverse weather conditions that would impede the Transportation Department’s ability to safely access students, a “Weather Delay Schedule for Identified Schools” will be implemented. The goal for this delay schedule is to provide buses an additional 60 minutes to access schools that start at 8:30 a.m. or later. If a school starts before 8:30 a.m., it will not be impacted by the Weather Delay Schedule and will start at its normal time. Montclair IS a school that will have weather delay days and our start time will be exactly 1 hour later than usual. We will still dismiss at 3:45 on delay days – please allow yourself extra time to get here on bad weather days.

School Closures
If schools are to be closed due to weather conditions, the district is committed to making a decision as early as possible. The decision to close is made by the Superintendent based on information provided by representatives from transportation agencies, the weather bureau, city and county law enforcement and DPS Transportation.

If school is cancelled or delayed, this information will be communicated in the following ways:
• The Communications Office will immediately notify local television and radio stations, which will broadcast regular announcements of school closures. You can also visit the DenverChannel.com, 9News.com, KDVR.com and denver.cbslocal.com. Notifications in Spanish will be made on radio newscasts on 1150 AM, 1280 AM and 1090 AM.
• Emergency school closures are posted on dpsk12.org immediately.
• Announcements to close or delay school will also be posted to the district‘s Facebook and Twitter pages.
• A message denoting the closure will also be left on the school district’s closure hotline at 720.423.3200, as well on the DPS Transportation hotline at 720.423.4600.
• You will receive a notification from the Montclair Flyer School App
Schools Open During Inclement Weather: The required transportation will be provided. However, services may be modified to ensure both driver and student safety and welfare. Traffic conditions may require students to spend additional time en route to school, special activities, programs or home. Buses could be delayed up to 15 minutes due to the inclement weather. This information will be posted to the Transportation hotline 720.423.4600.

Severe Weather During School Day
DPS will closely monitor severe weather conditions and forecasts throughout the day to ensure student safety. Should severe weather begin during the school day, bus routes will run in the same order as normally followed in the afternoon. Depending on conditions, arrival times at home may be delayed. After-school activities (athletic events, enrichment programs, etc.) may be modified or cancelled as a result of the weather conditions.


At Montclair, we have high standards for student behavior through consistency in School-Wide Values (ROAR), Personal Success Factors, and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (P.B.I.S.).

ROAR Values
We base our culture on four core values:
Outstanding Effort

Our students, community, and teachers work together to practice what each value means in our school community. We base all of our work on these core values.


Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (P.B.I.S.)
Montclair uses Class Dojo, Restorative Justice, and classroom management rooted in PBIS to celebrate and support student behavior. We believe that students must learn appropriate ways to behave at school, as well as on field trips, at performances, and with guests. We also believe that students learn best through positive and supportive environments. By creating an environment with very clear expectations supported by all school personnel, we seek to have the best possible setting for children to learn how to control their own behavior, and to work together to support one another as a community of learners.

Here are some ways that you can help to reinforce these expectations in your role as a volunteer or parent:

Positive reinforcement: Find someone using good behavior and be really interested in what they are doing. Notice the specific way the child chose to do the appropriate thing. For example, “You started working right away on your project and stayed focused on it.”

Redirection: Gently remind a child of the expected behavior when needed. For example, “We all sit quietly in the meeting area.”

Active listening: Reflect back to a child what you heard them saying, to let them know that you accept and understand his or her feelings. For example, “I understand that you felt lonely when you fell down outside and none of the other children asked you if you were okay.”

Consistency: Be specific in your expectations and follow through.

Choices: Offer children some reasonable control over the situation they are in to help encourage cooperation. Appropriate choices still get the objective accomplished, but give the child some options in how to go about it. For example, “Would you like to read together at your desk or out in the hall?”

Consequences: Children learn well when their actions lead to specific outcomes. Reminding them of the natural consequences of their actions can help them to make better choices. For example, “If you don’t come to snack now, all the apples will be gone and you won’t get any.” Similarly, “If you waste your reading time, it will use up your game time and you won’t have as much time to play.”

Humor: Used effectively, humor can defuse a tense situation, making it more manageable for everyone.


Montclair works with Dorian Studios for school pictures. Individual student photos are taken in the fall.  Class pictures and (optional) more casual student photos are taken in the spring.  Prints and other merchandise may be purchased online via Dorian’s website.

This year’s picture days are as follows:
Stay tuned!


School Supplies
We do the shopping for you!!! During registration, families contribute a flat school fee per student covers school supplies. Cash, check or credit cards will be accepted.
Montclair does NOT require students to wear uniforms.


During registration, families contribute a flat school fee per student, based on grade level, which supports the Enrichment programs. In addition, P.E.A.K. offers significant financial assistance supporting Montclair Enrichment. These fees also include a minimal school supply fee (so families do NOT need to purchase these independently). Cash, check, and credit cards will be accepted.