Enrichment Activities and Special Programs

At Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment we put emphasis on academic success through enriching experiences.

In an effort to enhance the classroom curriculum, we have established a school-wide Enrichment Program (based on the Renzulli Model) that allows us to provide all students with opportunities that bring learning to life. Montclair offers a wide variety of enrichment activities including guest speakers, field trips, hands on simulations, assemblies, Explorations, and independent study projects that are fundamental components of our instructional program.

This school-wide enrichment program is an approach to teaching and learning that finds its roots in gifted and talented education, but is truly appropriate for any child. The program has allowed us to increase student exposure to a variety of topics and expand the horizons of all learners. We look for our students’ interest in various areas and build upon them through rigorous learning experiences.

Montclair also celebrates student accomplishments with evening events including:

Fall Festival which is an amazing community-building event
WinterFest showcasing student art and grade level music performances
International Night which celebrates our diverse cultural backgrounds through music, art, dance, and drumming performances
Field Day which showcases our students athletic abilities in a fun non-competitive manner

Our approach to Enrichment is continually evolving and each year gets more exciting with new events and experiences for the students! Feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback to any of us so we can continue to improve our school’s Enrichment program!


In order to expand student experiences, classroom speakers and programs are invited to the school on a regular basis to enhance classroom curriculum. Through DPS Community Resources Inc. and other community contacts, teachers are able to add depth to the curriculum. These speakers often incorporate hands-on learning techniques in their presentations.


Excursions that both support and go beyond the classroom curriculum are important to the learning program at Montclair. Students travel to places where they are able to experience learning in a different way. A sample of field trips offered include National Center for Environment Research, Dinosaur Ridge, Balarat (outdoor education overnight), Denver Symphony, Museum of Nature and Science, various Theater experiences and many more.

Montclair also participates in the South Platte River Environmental Education (SPREE) program through the Greenway Foundation. Each grade level explores a different park on the banks of the S. Platte to learn about history and culture along the river.


Examples of assemblies included Spaceship Earth (content on sustainability); The Art of Jazz and Tap (concert and music history).


Once a week during an 8 week session in both the spring and fall, students are involved with in-depth Explorations of a student chosen topic. Explorations give students an opportunity to learn about a topic with a new group of students from mixed grade levels often with a new teacher. They explore the topic in a variety of ways and much of the learning is student driven.


Here are a few examples of Enrichment Activities by grade level:

  • ECE:
    • Berry Patch Farms
    • Botanic Garden
    • Art Museum
    • Buster the Bus
    • Gingerbread Man
  • Kindergarten:
    • Bunk with the Beast Overnight at the Zoo
    • Stock Show
    • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    • Fishing outing to Washington Park
    • Arvada Center
  • 1st Grade:
    • Exploring the Theater (Buntport Theater, JCC/Mizel Theater/ Adams Mystery Playhouse)
    • Young Americans Bank
    • Denver Aquarium
    • Water Means Life speaker
    • International Cultural Trunk presentations
  • 2nd Grade:
    • Georgetown Loop Railroad and Silver Mine Tour
    • Hammonds Candy Factory
    • Children’s Museum
    • Denver Puppet Theater
    • Pinewood Derby
    • I-kid-erod
  • 3rd Grade:
    • Denver History Tour and Overnight at Grant Humphry’s Mansion
    • Space Exploration
    • Panning for Gold
    • Colorado Storytelling
    • Electricity Presentation
  • 4th GradeMontclair’s 4th Grade is in partnership with Colorado Park’s and Wildlife’s SOLE (Schools and Outdoor Learning Environments) program; which generously provides funding and support for some of their Enrichment programming.
    • Climate Change
    • Dinosaur Ridge
    • Colorado Migration Story
    • Shakespeare Festival
    • Plains Conservation Overnight
  • 5th Grade
    • Balarat
    • History Colorado
    • Hawk Quest
    • Heart Dissection
    • Colorado Symphony
    • National Center for Atmospheric Research

B.A.S.E. Before and After School Enrichment

Montclair will be offering a wide variety of before and after school Enrichment programs throughout 2017-2018!

Our BASE program sessions run throughout the school year. Programs in each session run up to 8 weeks long. Individual programs have different pricing. Below are some examples of the programs we have brought to Montclair:

  • African Dance
  • African Drumming
  • HeArt and Soul Art
  • Dance Renaissance – Creative Movement and Ballet
  • Dance Exploration – HipHop, Cheerleading, Dance Party and AcceptDANCE
  • BOKs – exercise, health, and movement
  • Engineering with Lego
  • Gals Read
  • Girls Code
  • Green Paws – Student Green Team
  • Guys Read
  • Italian – Imparare l’italiano e’ un gioco
  • Ladies Literature
  • Running Club
  • Science Matters
  • SPeak – Speech Club
  • Sticky Fingers Cooking
  • Threads – Upcycling and Fashion


During registration, families contribute a flat school fee per student, based on grade level, which supports the Enrichment programs. In addition, P.E.A.K. offers significant financial assistance supporting Montclair Enrichment. These fees also include a minimal school supply fee (so families do NOT need to purchase these independently). Cash, check, credit cards, and payment plans will be accepted.

  • ECE – $55
  • Primary Grades K, 1, 2 – $85
  • Intermediate Grades 3, 4, 5 – $110