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Bridges in Mathematics is a comprehensive K-5 curriculum endorsed by DPS and aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The curriculum focuses on developing student’s deep understanding of mathematical concepts, proficiency with key skills and ability to solve complex and novel problems. Bridges blends direct instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration to tap into the strengths of all learners by presenting material that is as linguistically, visually and kinesthetically rich as it is mathematically powerful.


We are proud of our diversity and our talent pool is representative of our student population. We utilize the district Math Specialist to provide and develop advanced math practices to support the needs of students who exceed grade level math. We also offer a multi-age classroom in grades 4 and 5. Our students participate in monthly field trips related to the curriculum to make learning “real world”. We participate district run events such as Semantics. Affective needs are addressed through a social-emotional learning curriculum daily. Instruction varies between grade levels. Services include using best practices in Gifted Education through depth and complexity for rigor.

GT Teachers: Nicole Cooper-White

See the DPS website for additional information about the district-wide Gifted and Talented Program.


Here is a link to the Montclair Library page. There are lots of educational games that kids can access from school or home!

In addition to the Montclair Library, the Denver Public Library’s Reading Rocket Book Mobile visits our school every Friday. Students will have the opportunity to use their Denver Public Library cards to check books out from the book mobile. These books can the be returned to school or to any Denver library branch. For more information, see DPL’s website.


Benchmark Advance and Benchmark Adelante are comprehensive English and Spanish Reading/Language Arts programs designed for Kindergarten through sixth grade. These programs are built to accommodate for key shifts in curriculum and instruction to meet the demands of the new Common Core State Standards. Rigorous, integrated reading, writing, speaking, and listening instruction meets the needs of districts implementing a balanced literacy model and enables all students to master rigorous learning goals with strong resources for differentiated instruction and responsive teaching based upon ongoing assessments. A forward-thinking approach to English Learner instruction provides unique tools designed to scaffold students to on-level materials, which are complex, high-quality texts built for today’s learner.
Here is the link for more information:


At Montclair, we are supporting each child’s experience by infusing personalization into their learning journey. This program empowers teachers and parents to become engineers of learning by providing each individual child the opportunity to choose part of their learning path to support their individual needs. Students will have a deep understanding of themselves as learners and be given voice and choice in their daily educational experience. This is all made possible by a four year Personalized Learning partnership and grant to increase technology, train staff differently, and redesign spaces in the school.For more information, please contact Montclair’s Personalized Learning Coach, Sarah Johnson or visit her website!

student practicing yoga during an exploration class. at montclair students choose their topics of study based on their interests


From Mr. Harris ~ Montclair Physical Education Teacher:

Dear Families,

Greetings, and welcome back to another year at Montclair! My name is Mr. Harris and I will be your child’s Physical Education teacher. This will be my second year in this roll and eighth here at Montclair.

I focus on ‘fitness through fun,’ and students will be encouraged to participate to the best of their ability in a wide variety of activities. One of my class goals is to actively engage children in a sufficient amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity to improve and/or maintain their physical health and well-being.

My hope is for children to apply the skills and knowledge they learn here at school and seek opportunities to be active outside of school. Additionally, instructional units are planned to develop motor, personal, and social skills.

Grading will not be based on how fast your child runs or how high they jump, but on how much they participate and the amount of effort they put in during class.

Your child will have PE for a whole week, every 3 weeks. Tennis shoes are recommended. If sandals, open back shoes, or other ‘PE inappropriate’ shoes are worn to school, the student must bring appropriate shoes to change into for PE.

Cleats are not allowed at school and roller shoes must have the wheels removed. If your child does not have appropriate shoes they may not be able to participate in class. Since the majority of grading will be based on participation, this could affect their grade.

I look forward to a fun and active year! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Mr. Harris

From Ms. Harroun ~ Performing Arts Teacher:

Hello Montclair Families,

Welcome to a new year at Montclair! My name is Miss Harroun, the Performing Arts teacher at Montclair. I teach a wide range of different performance styles, touching on some music, dance, and acting techniques. My goal is for students to find ways of self-expression that help them feel more confident as individuals in any setting, onstage or off. On a daily basis, students engage in solo and group activities that better understand themselves and how to work with a group to create performances on many levels. We rehearse things like musical instruments, different dance styles, or acting out a character. We hold two major performances a year: Winterfest in December and International Night in April. Students can even access a youtube page where they can practice their songs and dances for these performances:

One of my strongest philosophies is that Performing Arts has two equally important pieces: the performer and the audience. As much as we working on performance skills in my class, we also work on the pieces of being a good audience member and a learner in performing arts. Students will critique their own performances and the performances of others. I believe that all students can connect with the arts with equal weight as a performer or an audience member-and that connection can see them thrive anywhere they go in life!
If you’re interested in volunteering around performance time or our after school drama program, feel free to reach out. In addition, I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

Ms. Harroun

From Mr. Horeis ~ STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) Teacher:

This year students will attend Art for 40 minutes every day for a week, every three weeks. It is a three week rotation between specials.

Would you like to help collect materials for the art room??? You can find these at your house! Here’s what we need… paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, magazines (kid friendly), shaving cream, large paper grocery bags, decorative paper or wall paper.

Check out our website!
Here you will find the latest art updates, a longer list of art needs, pictures from art events, and more. Specific feedback will come through Class Dojo.

If you are ever interested in volunteering for hanging art in the hallway, I would love your help!


Assessments at Montclair

Istation is administered online in an individual, small group, or whole class setting to Kindergarten through Fifth grade students. The main purpose of this test is to identify specific areas of strength and need that may exist in your child’s literacy development.

Denver Public Schools expects all schools to administer literacy and math interim assessments, three times per year, to students in grades 3-8. Anet provides a high quality, rigorous interim assessments designed to give teachers information on students’ progress toward mastery of literacy and math standards. These assessments are formative and built for instructional purposes.

State Assessment given to third through fifth grade in the spring.

For more information see:
Standards Resources
Department of Accountability, Research & Evaluation