At the Montclair School of Academics & Enrichment, all students are provided with a set of experiences that will allow them to become lifelong learners. At Montclair we offer:

  • high-energy, authentic learning experiences that are desinged to promote, engage and motivate students;
  • a collaborative learning and teaching community geared toward standards-based academic achievement;
  • a school community where students talents are recognized and developed;
  • small group learning opportunities geared to each students’ strengths and experiences;
  • a systematic plan for nurturing, enhancing and monitoring each student’s academic progress and achievement
  • a continuous emphasis on character development and lifelong learning habits;
  • an integrated environment where the diverse cultures of our global community are an asset;
  • a program where high expectations are set and met by all…with no excuses.

In doing so, we help one another be the very best we can be.


Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment sits in one of Denver’s historic neighborhoods established in the late 1800’s by Baron VonRichthofen, the uncle of the Red Baron. Montclair has been a neighborhood school since opening its doors at its original location, not far from where the school currently sits. Innovative instruction has been a hallmark of Montclair. The first kindergarten program in the state of Colorado debuted at Montclair over 100 years ago. Today, the school has an enrollment of 470 students. Since the Revitilization of Montclair began over six years ago, we have made important and significant progress as we strive to improve student achievement, increase enrollment, invigorate the instructional program and boost parent engagement. In the spring of 2009, the DPS Board approved Montclair’s application to become one of the first Innovation Schools in Colorado. The following tale based on the classic childhood story The Little Engine that Could, retells part of the story of Montclair:  The Little School that Could