Students posing with face paint

Enrichment Activities and Special Programs

At Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment we put emphasis on academic success through enriching experiences.

Enrichment is a core value of our school. We encourage learning through “real life” experiences such as field trips, speakers, and special events. These activities are tied directly to the curriculum and common core standards. 

Montclair also celebrates student accomplishments with events including:

Our approach to Enrichment is continually evolving and each year gets more exciting with new events and experiences for the students! Feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback to any of us so we can continue to improve our school’s Enrichment program!

Guest Speakers

In order to expand student experiences, classroom speakers and programs are invited to the school on a regular basis to enhance classroom curriculum. Through DPS Community Resources Inc. and other community contacts, teachers are able to add depth to the curriculum. These speakers often incorporate hands-on learning techniques in their presentations.

Field Trips

Excursions that both support and go beyond the classroom curriculum are important to the learning program at Montclair. Students travel to places where they are able to experience learning in a different way. A sample of field trips offered include National Center for Environment Research, Dinosaur Ridge, Balarat (outdoor education overnight), Denver Symphony, Museum of Nature and Science, various Theater experiences and many more.

Montclair also participates in the South Platte River Environmental Education (SPREE) program through the Greenway Foundation. Each grade level explores a different park on the banks of the S. Platte to learn about history and culture along the river.


Examples of assemblies included Spaceship Earth (content on sustainability); The Art of Jazz and Tap (concert and music history).

Sample of Past Enrichment by Grade Level

Here are a few examples of Enrichment Activities by grade level. Each year, grade levels choose the enrichment activities that connect to the curriculum and are based on student interest: