Community Partners

Maria Droste Counseling Center collaborates in healing Coloradans struggling with mental health—regardless of their ability to pay.  At Maria Droste, we are committed to getting you the support you need.  Explore our website to learn about our services or how to get involved. 

Connect Us Website

Our Mission

Connect Us is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to guide all children to develop positive relationships & promote social inclusion.  Using the Social Aptitude Inclusive Play (SAIP) model, Connect Us:

•  Builds social and emotional skills in children ages 3 – 13

•  Improves elementary school recess environments

•  Provides year-round programs that include children of all backgrounds and abilities for the benefit of all

Our Vision

Connect Us envisions a world where all children embrace diversity and social stigmas do not exist. Despite differences and abilities, all children learn from each other and can flourish in nonjudgmental, inclusive environments. 

Our Philosophy

•  Social and emotional problems are prevented when social skill development is a priority early in childhood

•  All children desire friendships and want to be included

•  Facilitating the development of social skills is most effective during ‘real time’ play situations

•  Bullies may always exist, but they’ll have no power when we instill skills, values and expectations early in childhood to overcome the bystander mentality

•  The Golden Rule should be a critical component of education

•  During recess, students should have access to adults and mentors who assist with conflict resolution and foster inclusion

•  Bystander mentality and indifference are perpetuated early in life when kids are ignored or reprimanded for  ‘tattling’

•  Children susceptible to bullying or becoming bullies are best served when schools, parents and the community collaborate to address the issues

The Fax Partnership Website

With its rich history and long exterior, East Colfax is home to a plethora of local businesses and an array of residential life. It is the diverse communities and need for equity along East Colfax that brought The Fax Partnership to life.

We are a long-standing 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to East Colfax. Embracing the diverse communities we serve, we work hard to promote equity and advocate for development without displacement. We provide residential and support services to local residents and small businesses. We aim to achieve responsible growth that prioritizes affordable and attainable housing, community-serving redevelopment, and supports local employment opportunities.

Centus Foundation Website

Centus is a top-tier provider of behavioral health services, education, and programs.

We take pride in integrating every client’s questions and concerns about their physical, behavioral, and spiritual self.  We are champions of hopeful and healthy living.

Clients are served in office and community settings, as well as via tele-behavioral healthcare sessions. For every counseling session, funds need to be raised through events, grants, and from many individual donors to cover the actual cost of counseling.

Centus partners with Metro Denver area businesses, schools, churches, and human service organizations to provide a wide range of Psycho-Educational offerings. We are also available as a resource to our community partners when they are seeking information or consultation around individuals or families dealing with mental health or addiction related concerns.

A-Line Boutique Website

A-line Boutique has generously helped out Montclair with donation of supplies and apparel.